THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN COLLEGE AND UNIVERSITY IN CANADA In Canada, there are significant differences between higher education institutions labeled colleges and those designated universities. Knowing the distinctions will help you decide which institution is the better option for you. Canadian Colleges Unlike in the United States, where the term collegeRead More →

Choosing a program and school If you looking Canada study program, you must know some basic factors. In Canada, each province and territory is in charge of their own education system. Get more information about schools and the education system: Universities in Canada – information for international students about Universities inRead More →

Find Canadian universities Open portal shows the affordable way to find Canadian universities. Although often overlooked in favour of its neighbour to the south and the UK, Canada nevertheless remains a popular destination for students planning on studying internationally—and for good reason! Canada has ranked as one of the topRead More →

This checklist will help ensure your journey is safe and comfortable. View the details of your itinerary. Verify the date and time of your flight, as well as your seat assignment, and make any necessary changes. Make sure you have all the right travel documents. The government issued identification youRead More →