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King’s University College is a Catholic, co-educational institution affiliated with Western University. It is located in London, a beautiful city known for its extensive forests, green spaces, over 200 parks and many kilometers of bike trails.

King’s is a vital academic community animated by a Christian love of learning and the pursuit of truth. The college fosters an environment based on open inquiry, Christian values, and service to the larger community.

Founded in 1954, King’s is ranked among the top institutions of higher learning in Canada. Students have full access to King’s and Western’s programs, facilities and services. They receive their degree from Western. Small classes, intensive student-faculty interaction, quality programs, comprehensive student services and a sense of community create an excellent learning environment for students. With Western’s world-class facilities and reputation, King’s offers its students ‘the best of both worlds.’

The college offers degree programs through the faculties of Arts, Social Sciences, Management and Organizational Studies, Childhood and Social Institutions, Social Justice and Peace Studies, and Social Work (bachelor’s and master’s programs).

With the college’s unique programs in world religions, Catholic studies, social work, childhood, and social institutions, social justice and peace studies, disability studies, thanatology, global commerce, and foundations in Western thought and civilization, King’s students and faculty are able to create interesting and dynamic research opportunities. Additionally, through its work-study program, students from all disciplines can assist faculty in their research and gain important exposure to interesting work and graduate opportunities.


Full-time (undergraduates)

Full-time (graduates)

Part-time (undergraduates)

Source: King’s University College at Western University (2017 rounded preliminary fall enrolment)



Undergraduate tuition fees:

Graduate tuition fees:


Undergraduate tuition fees:
$23,765 – $26,614

Graduate tuition fees:


Source: Statistics Canada. Fees for general programs in arts and humanities (2017-18)

Note: In addition to tuition fees, universities generally charge fees for goods and services supplied to students. This includes areas such as student associations, sports and health. These additional fees vary widely per university and per student and can run from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. Check with the university for details.©2023