We know that your decision to apply for the study permit in Canada is another stressful step. Also, We know you have a lot to consider to make your final decision. Open Portal want to help you each step of the way. This information explains each step in the process, whether you are still deciding or you’ve already committed to being a Stater.

There are many positive reasons behind the decision to pursue further study, including:

Open Portal for Prepare to study in Canada

Where and what to study, and the list of schools that can receive students in Canada

Open Portal for Getting a study permit

How do I get study permit to study in Canada

Open Portal for Changing your school or program

When and how to tell us if you are changing schools

Open Portal for Studying and working

Who can work during studies or after graduation, and how to apply

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How to renew your study permit or restore your status

How to become a Designated Learning Institution (DLI), how to enrol in the DLI portal and how to send compliance reports




Avoiding delays in study permit processing

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