Queen’s university is Canada’s definitive university experience, offering an exceptional student learning experience and a comprehensive research-intensive environment. With the highest graduation rate in the country, exceptional people are connected with an unrivaled community and an unmatched mix of opportunities.

Queen’s university is home to more than 25,000 students, researchers, professors, and artists, along with 2015 Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Arthur B. McDonald. It offers an impressive range of undergraduate and graduate programs including arts and science, engineering and applied science, business, health sciences, education, policy studies, and law.

Queen’s university is committed to supporting a diverse and inclusive campus environment and its diversified programming attracts outstanding students from across Canada and around the world.

A member of the U15 group of Canada’s leading research-intensive universities, Queen’s ranks highly in terms of research funding, intensity, and impact. Areas of research strength include physics, cancer, and geoengineering, data analytics, and societal issues such as surveillance studies and mental health. Kingston is on the shores of Lake Ontario and within easy reach of Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Syracuse, N.Y. Located near the historic downtown, the Queen’s campus boasts an array of heritage limestone buildings and cutting-edge facilities.

With guaranteed residence access in first year and affordable student housing nearby, Queen’s university takes pride in a highly engaged student body and outstanding support from alumni.

It is this powerful combination of research and teaching, living and learning, that leads to students’ success and an unmistakable impact on the world.

Unmistakably Queen’s since 1841.


Full-time (undergraduates)

Full-time (graduates)

Part-time (undergraduates)

Part-time (graduates)

Source: Council of Ontario Universities (2017 rounded preliminary fall enrolment)



Undergraduate tuition fees:

Graduate tuition fees:


Undergraduate tuition fees:
$31,733 – $37,490

Graduate tuition fees:

Academic Programs

Accounting Graduate Diploma
Aging and Health Graduate Diploma, Master’s, Doctoral
Anatomic Pathology Postgraduate Medical
Anatomical Sciences Master’s
Anesthesiology Postgraduate Medical
Applied Sustainability Master’s
Art Conservation Master’s
Art History Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
Arts Leadership Master’s
Arts Management Graduate Diploma
Astronomy and Astrophysics Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
Biochemistry Bachelor’s
Biology Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
Biology and Mathematics Bachelor’s
Biology and Psychology Bachelor’s
Biomedical and Molecular Sciences Master’s, Doctoral
Biomedical Computing Bachelor’s
Biomedical Engineering Master’s, Doctoral
Biostatistics Master’s
Biotechnology Bachelor’s
Business / Management Master’s, Doctoral, Graduate Diploma, Certificate
Business Administration (MBA) Master’s
Business and Law combined Master’s, Graduate Diploma, Juris Doctor
Cancer Research Master’s, Doctoral
Cardiology Postgraduate Medical
Chemical Engineering Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
Chemistry Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
Civil Engineering Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
Classical Studies Bachelor’s, Master’s
Cognitive Science Bachelor’s
Combined Medicine / Research Doctor of Medicine, Master’s, Doctoral
Commerce Bachelor’s
Commerce and Law combined Bachelor’s, Juris Doctor
Computer Engineering Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
Computer Science Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
Computing and Mathematics Bachelor’s
Computing and the Creative Arts Bachelor’s
Concurrent Education Bachelor’s
Critical Care Postgraduate Medical
Cultural Studies Master’s, Doctoral
Diagnostic Radiology Postgraduate Medical
Drama Bachelor’s
Earth and Energy Resources Leadership Master’s
Economics Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
Economics and Law combined Master’s, Juris Doctor
Education Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral, Graduate Diploma
Electrical Engineering Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
Emergency Medicine Postgraduate Medical
Employment Relations Certificate
Engineering Chemistry Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
Engineering Physics Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
English Language and Literature Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
Entrepreneurship and Innovation Master’s
Environmental Biology Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
Environmental Chemistry Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
Environmental Geography (Earth Systems Sciences) Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
Environmental Geology Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
Environmental Life Sciences Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
Environmental Studies Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
Environmental Toxicology Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
Epidemiology Master’s, Doctoral
Executive MBA Master’s
Family Medicine Postgraduate Medical
Family Medicine: Anesthesia Postgraduate Medical
Family Medicine: Care of the Elderly Postgraduate Medical
Family Medicine: Emergency Medicine Postgraduate Medical
Family Medicine: Global Health Postgraduate Medical
Family Medicine: Indigenous Health Postgraduate Medical
Family Medicine: Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Postgraduate Medical
Family Medicine: Rural Skills Postgraduate Medical
Family Medicine: Women’s Health Postgraduate Medical
Film and Media Bachelor’s
Finance Master’s
Fine Art Bachelor’s
French Studies Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
Gastroenterology Postgraduate Medical
Gender Studies Bachelor’s, Master’s
General Internal Medicine Postgraduate Medical
General Surgery Postgraduate Medical
GeoEngineering Master’s, Doctoral
Geographic Information Science Certificate
Geography Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
Geological Engineering Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
Geological Sciences Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
German Studies
Global Development Studies Bachelor’s, Master’s
Health Sciences Bachelor’s
Health Studies Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
Healthcare Quality Master’s
Hebrew Language and Literature
Hematology Postgraduate Medical
Hispanic Studies
History Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
Indigenous Studies
Industrial Relations Master’s
Industrial Relations and Law combined Master’s, Juris Doctor
Internal Medicine (Core Program) Postgraduate Medical
International Business Master’s
International Studies Certificate
Jewish Studies
Kinesiology Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
Languages, Literatures and Cultures Bachelor’s
Law Juris Doctor, Master’s, Doctoral, Certificate
Liberal Studies Bachelor’s
Life Sciences Bachelor’s
Management Analytics Master’s
Management in Artificial Intelligence Master’s
Mathematical Physics Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
Mathematics and Engineering Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
Mathematics and Statistics Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
Mechanical and Materials Engineering Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
Media Studies Certificate
Medical Oncology Postgraduate Medical
Medicine Doctor of Medicine, Master’s, Doctoral
Mining Engineering Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
Mining Engineering Technology Bachelor’s
Music Bachelor’s
Music Theatre Bachelor’s
Nephrology Postgraduate Medical
Neurology Postgraduate Medical
Neuroscience Studies Master’s, Doctoral
Nursing Bachelor’s, Master’s, Graduate Diploma, Doctoral
Obstetrics and Gynaecology Postgraduate Medical
Occupational Therapy Master’s
Ophthalmology Postgraduate Medical
Orthopaedic Surgery Postgraduate Medical
Palliative Care Medicine Postgraduate Medical
Pathology and Molecular Medicine Master’s, Doctoral
Pediatrics Postgraduate Medical
Philosophy Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Postgraduate Medical
Physical Therapy Master’s
Physics Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
Political and Legal Thought Master’s
Political Studies Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
Professional Inquiry Graduate Diploma
Psychiatry Postgraduate Medical
Psychology Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
Public Administration Master’s
Public Administration and Law combined Master’s, Juris Doctor
Public Health Master’s
Public Health and Preventive Medicine Postgraduate Medical
Radiation Oncology Postgraduate Medical
Rehabilitation Science Master’s, Doctoral
Religious Studies Bachelor’s, Master’s
Respirology Postgraduate Medical
Rheumatology Postgraduate Medical
Risk Policy and Regulation Graduate Diploma
Sexual and Gender Diversity Certificate
Social Performance Management in the Extractive Industries Graduate Diploma
Sociology Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
Software Design Bachelor’s
Spanish and Latin American Studies
Stage and Screen Studies Bachelor’s
Statistics Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
Urban and Regional Planning Master’s
Urology Postgraduate Medical
World Language Studies

Source: Statistics Canada. Fees for general programs in arts and humanities (2017-18).

Note: In addition to tuition fees, universities generally charge fees for goods and services supplied to students. This includes areas such as student associations, sports and health. These additional fees vary widely per university and per student and can run from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. Check with the university for details.